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Beyond The Suit

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By Anthony Deluca The clothes he wears often affect how a man is judged. A suit, more specifically defines his taste and style. From executives in boardrooms to talk show hosts, a well-tailored suit is really just one aspect of the man who wears it. Often regarded as a sign of social status or fashion [&hellip Read More.

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Top 10 Family Getaways

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By Francesca Spizzirri Each year thousands of families take a break from everyday life and share in some good old-fashioned fun on a summer getaway. It’s the best time to relish those long sunny days and warm balmy nights. Whether you have an extended family or small family, toddlers or teenagers, these great family-friendly destinations are [&hellip Read More.

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Fast Food Slowly Savoured

May 28 | 1153 Views | | No Comments

By Meghan Filicetti In the 1950s, the term Fast Food described food that is prepared and served very quickly. Since then, its meaning has changed. It has become associated with unhealthy food loaded with salt, fat and sugar. While healthy eating has become the norm, everyone deserves to treat themselves every so often. Whatever Vaughan [&hellip Read More.

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Young Talents

May 29 | 1423 Views | | No Comments

By Romina Monaco No one chooses art. Instead, it chooses you. Whether it kindles the flame of self-discovery or inspires others, creative brilliance is organic in nature and inherent at birth. Some practice their artistic talent only during leisure time, while for others it becomes a vocation where the artist is devoted wholeheartedly, following what [&hellip Read More.


Sizzling Summer Fashion

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By Teresa Liang The blaze of sunshine signals the blaze of fashion. Summer looks are a fusion of bright colours, bold prints, and easy styles. The busiest season of parties, beaches and weddings requires an expansive wardrobe. Grafic and its fabulous designer pieces this season will have you covered from lightweight button downs to exotic floral [&hellip Read More.


All In The Details

May 28 | 471 Views | | No Comments

By Glen Peloso & Jamie Alexander A room can really come together when it is accessorized. The sofa could be the same in two different rooms where the accessories really create the impact. Think of it like a suit; with a different shirt and tie it looks like a whole new suit for a different occasion. Once [&hellip Read More.


Fresh Starters & Fresh Cheeses

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Courtesy of Longo’s FRESH CHEESES The season of fresh cheese is upon us. And by fresh cheese we mean unripened, rind-free varieties from plain spreadable cream cheese and dessert-friendly ricotta to versatile pasta filata (stretched cheese) such as mozzarella or burrata. Great at the table or in a recipe, the hallmark of a fresh cheese is its [&hellip Read More.