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Making Every Bride A Princess

December 8 | 3081 Views | | 1 Comment

By Filomena Rosati They say a dream is a wish your heart makes. Years ago, a young girl, of Italian decent fell in love with the art of dressmaking. buy generic viagra Her rags to riches story began when she fell in love with dressing dolls in beautiful dresses. To dream, you must have passion, [&hellip Read More.

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Salute! Richmond Hill

December 5 | 2367 Views | | No Comments

By Francesca Spizzirri Richmond Hill is bounded by Bloomington Rd. to the north, Highway 7 to the south, Bathurst St. to the west, and Highway 404 to the east. It is home to the world-renowned David Dunlop Observatory telescope, the largest telescope in Canada and second largest in the world upon its construction. Richmond Hill [&hellip Read More.


Eat. Sleep. Dance. Repeat.

December 4 | 1938 Views | | No Comments

By Meghan Filicetti Two incredible talents, two inspiring stories, one similar dream. Although many may argue that dance isn’t necessarily categorized as a sport, the exhausting amount of energy, hard work and dedication that is involved in the demanding process of becoming a recognized artist in the dance industry, is absolutely mind-blowing. In discussing this [&hellip Read More.

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Four More Years Of Passion

December 5 | 1527 Views | | No Comments

By Filomena Rosati There is a concept called the Wisdom of Crowds which is based on a book by James Surowiecki that bears the same name. This refers to the notion that decisions made by large groups are often better than decisions made by an elite few. On October 27, 2014 the wisdom of the people [&hellip Read More.

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Scents & Scentability

December 4 | 796 Views | | No Comments

By Filomena Rosati The Art Of Choosing A Great Cologne Scent triggers memory – science says it’s true. Often, cologne is not just a fragrance to make you smell nice. It can be like old pictures and photographs of past times with old loves, your spouse, or perhaps remind you of a special time or [&hellip Read More.

Patrizia Durante and Victoria Angel

Victoria Angel

December 4 | 1938 Views | | No Comments

By Romina monaco There’s no denying that over the last century we have made huge strides in the world of medicine with extraordinary discoveries such as Penicillin and the Polio vaccination including countless cures for diseases that once threatened our very existence. Although we have improved our quality of life today we are still facing [&hellip Read More.


Levetto – Pizza & Pasta Bar

December 4 | 2545 Views | | 1 Comment

By Filomena Rosati Success has come quickly for this dynamic trio and their upbeat, friendly and trendy eatery. Chef Shahir, Kamiar Zahedi and Jesse Zanuttini have created a recipe for the perfect business model, keeping costs down while maintaining a high standard for quality excellence. Since 2013, Levetto has already established a solid client base [&hellip Read More.